Practice Philosophy


Dr. Southall has had the privilege of training with several of the most respected dental clinicians in the field.  One of these clinicians, Dr. John Kois, has a saying: “The best dentistry is no dentistry.”  In other words, any restorative material or procedure dentistry has to offer is not better than your natural teeth.  This is the philosophy which our practice is built around.


In light of this, we believe it is far better to prevent diseases than to simply treat them after they occur.  However, when the teeth and supporting structures (gum and bone) do break down, whether it is due to periodontal disease (gum disease), dental decay (cavities) or excessive occlusal wear (bite problems), it is necessary to intervene.


New research is finding that an individual’s oral health is not necessarily related to how well they clean their teeth but is more closely related to that individual’s risk (genetic factors) of developing dental disease.  Some individuals are more at risk than others.  Therefore, we look at each patient as an individual with unique dental needs and risk factors.  We will analyze and address yours objectively and honestly.  We would like you to keep all of your teeth for the rest of your life with good health, comfort, appearance and function.


For those who have experienced some level of dental disease (which is 95% of the population), the process begins with a careful examination which may include updating x-rays, initial diagnostic impressions of your teeth and digital photos.  We will then together develop a plan that is consistent with your needs and values to help you become as healthy as you choose to be.